The Hack of the Week/Month/year - Increase your reach outside the Instagram

Yeah, you heard it !!!

You can do this to grow your Instagram even faster, and what I mean by this is to bring traffic from outside Instagram so you can have more engagement and hit the explore page even faster.

So here I will point some ways that you can do this with the things that are at your fingertips so you can get the ball rolling starting from today!
Use your Facebook or Twitter Profile
So whenever you make an IG post you can go on your Twitter or Facebook profile to tell your audience to come and check that awesome small piece of content that you have created and drop a like, a share, a comment and do not forget to follow.
Also, you can do this with your Pinterest Profile, your LinkedIn profile, and even your Email list!


You have to think about this or have this thought in mind...What can I do now to help me succeed in the future, like what piece of content I can make today that could be seen next month next year and so on?
What I want to drop now is the powerful advice that stands as a foundation of wealth and how do people get rich..."THE COMPOUND EFFECT" so what I want to say is this.

Use Pinterest or Youtube or IGTV to drive traffic to your IG posts.
Why is chose these platforms?
Because the content here will get powerful in time, (yes we can also refer to blog posts as well) and it will drive traffic continuously to your IG profile.

Guess what...this is working for every soon I will start uploading content on Youtube and I will use this exact same strategy so you will be the 1st to know about new stuff and engaging content to help you grow your business.

You can also make giveaways and spread the word on all the above platforms so you will get traction faster.
I do not have to mention, cause you should probably know by now, that you have to use a sexy long caption and the right # for the post.

Other tips that I have for you today but we will dissect in the future are
Use IGTV to make content and
Create a list of close friends to send your content when you post it.


P.S. It was not even a hack as the title said...from my point of view it is a strategy that people are not using enough being ignorant.

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