Influencers could be the key component of your brand!

But how do you know which influencers will be the best match for you and your business?
This is easy you can start by asking a simple question why would you want to work with an influencer?
The best answer we can give you is that you need a human face for your business, or that crazy good quality life photos of the product so you can sparkle the consumer emotions, or to use them later on your social media streams and also you can benefit for getting a real honest feedback for your product in front of their audience. How cool is that?
To achieve all of this you have to know your marketing goals very good.
They can be the tone of your brand so be careful who you would choose.
It is important to build a list of influencers related to your niche, but we suggest to not run after that 30k + followers ones.

Based on their Instagram feed and their stories, you should get a clear and consistent sense of who the influencer is, what topics they create content about and their general style. If those factors match up well with your brand and your products.
Also, do not forget to check their engagement rate.
We do not use tools here, our eye and experience are formed to separate the good from the bad ones. Engagement ratio tools we consider they are a gimmick that you do not need.

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LOOK HOW WE DO THIS - some simple facts
First, we look at the average likes and comments of the last 9-12 posts and we divide them with the number of likes.
People with smaller audiences might have 8, 9, 10% engagement rates, which are really strong, and the big ones with 50k+ would have somewhere between 2-3%. So if you do quick math 3% of 50k is 1.5k and from 10k he/she will have around 800-1k likes, so you can use 3 or 4 smaller influencers with the budget of a bigger one and you could have better results cause they are really passionate about what they do and we can guarantee they will do a good job for you.
Also, we will give some tricks about how would you approach this campaign and what to have in mind! How to stand out between hundreds and hundreds of choices out there.
How deep you understand your marketplaces pain? The amount of money that you make is indirectly proportional to your market pain and understanding.
Think about what's the story behind your product and brand.
How can you help out your potential customer? They will not buy if you can not solve one of their problems.
You have to understand what problem fix or what emotion could bring your product to that influencer's audience if you also would like to have some sales around that post, or story.
Remember: People don't buy products and services they buy stories and emotions!
Think of how you can develop genuine added value in the long term for your community.

If you need help to find good influencer for your business send us an email at, and we will help you with this issue

You can see the sales pitch of the potato seller to get some inspiration of how you should persuade your clients.

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