How to start branding yourself and your business

Branding is super important in this online era. I’m guessing you understand why or you wouldn’t be here.

I will show you how to start branding yourself and your business through Instagram.

What would you do if you are not successful or you are not an expert in anything yet and how you can get started.
Do not panic, we all started from 0 but what are the key things that you can do to build a long-lasting and memorable personal or business brand through Instagram.

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As far as your brand will grow you will be able to increase and make multiple streams of income.
So I want from you to do this properly cause it is important to build your brand the right way so you will avoid wasting or spending a lot of money and time.
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The first thing that you will have to do is to pick your brand direction - your niche and your goals but the thing that matter is what are you passionate about and what do you enjoy talking about most. For example, if you are in a health and wealth company there are 2 directions you can go.
You can lead with the business or you can lead with the products so you are going to be talking about everything and anything to do with wellness, fitness, health, nutrition.
So I propose an exercise: think for a week every morning and journal this: what do I enjoy talking about most?
Is that simple but is also value to that audience they will feel your passion for talking about that topic.
So, entertaining the audience is the key thing to build a long-lasting brand these days and doing this you will have an enjoyable ride in your Instagram Journey.

The second thing that is very important, cause when you start building an audience and you provide have to understand are your values.
What are you good at and how this can help you make a memorable message.
Maybe you are good at writing or maybe you are good at design or you make good photos or you are charismatic or maybe you are good at networking and so on. So pause this for a moment and write down what are your strengths and what you are good at. Focus on that key thing of yours so you can make memorable posts.
The thing that is going to change everything is when you will get to the core of what makes you different and better from the things that you have learned throw your life and experienced.
So setting up this foundation is the key thing.

The third thing is that you have to understand who is your ideal customer or who would you love to do business with.

And the last thing is what is your offer.
What would you stand out with, what will you offer what will your profile has for unicity so you can attract the ideal customer.

So this are the main principles to build a profile that people will love and remember in this big ocean of noise and distraction and will lead you to be remarkable in your market.

As Amy Jo Martin ( the founder of successful online media Digital Royal and one of the women that are in Forbes "20 Best-Branded Woman on Twitter")said on her blog an awesome story after her first experience with NASCAR about how the company is handling the fans relationship based on communication and authentic influence.
She said ..."Drivers are unusually accessible. I noticed this is a similar characteristic of UFC on this front. Drivers do fan Q&A’s and autograph sessions THE DAY of the race. The Daytona 500 happens to be the biggest day of the year for NASCAR. I don’t think Brett Favre was chatting it up with thousands of fans the day of the Super Bowl.
I received a magical “hot pass” and could go anywhere. It was uncomfortably exciting having unlimited access and at times I worried about getting in the crew’s way. I was a part of the action and wasn’t the only one. Bottom line, fans have access.

nascar racing cars
Here’s my theory on this strategy, why it’s smart for any sport and why social media will amplify the strategy if embraced by sports. (A.K.A. my key business takeaway from this weekend):
Access leads to connection. (Fans are able to sign the actual race track.)
Connection leads to relationships. (At all ages.)
Relationships lead to affinity. (You can’t fake this affinity.)
Affinity leads to influence. (There’s a reason so many brands are attracted to NASCAR.)
Influence leads to conversion. (These fans would likely buy anything this driver is selling.)
Which means NASCAR fans treated exceptionally well by the sport are more likely to buy the products attached to the cars. Smart. Here’s an example of the fan affinity I witnessed.
So, let’s look at some numbers:
150,000 fans in the stands were impacted by the philosophy above – a huge number for one sporting venue on one specific day but perhaps not big in the grand scheme of sports.
30 million viewers watched on TV
500+ million users on Facebook, 175+ million on Twitter and last year YouTube had 700+ billion views. This winning formula comprises the max potential reach.
Point being, there is huge potential when you apply for this same access via social media to a larger audience. What if the same behind-the-scenes access available to fans physically at Daytona 500 was available to those billions of potential fans who are not watching the race on TV?
Fans like this one:

It turns out I wasn’t alone in my NASCAR-phobia. The response I received from non-NASCAR fans who followed my Daytona 500 adventure was overwhelming. Many who thought they disliked NASCAR had actually just never given it a chance. After seeing behind-the-scenes photos, video and other content from my time in Daytona, some decided to tune into the race for the first time ever."

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The main idea is you have to be truly passionate about others instead of letting them interested in you. And if the things are going well people will tend to do business with the ones that they like, and if the things are not going well they will still do business with the people that they like. So whenever you are honest in your attempts to connect with others there will be always more chances to create important connections. The progressive collaboration will be the ace that you can have in your sleeve.

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