Without the right words, your image on Instagram can't serve as an attention grab.
Today over 60% of our leads come from Instagram and our connection and engagement with our audience are hot all because of consistency in content. Not because of a hack. Not because of a rule about long captions or short captions. Or hashtags. Because of consistency.

1. Chasing just engagement, not connection.
How to fix it: Talk to your audience like they are humans. Don’t post and ghost, spend 5-15 minutes after you post to engage. It’s a two-way street! Get to know your audience and see Instagram as a connection platform.

2. Being unclear on your brand voice
This voice should be consistent from your website, your collateral, to your Instagram.
How to fix it: Get clear on your brand’s personality and tone of voice. Are you funny? Serious? Quirky? Wrap words about what this means. E.g. Our brand is fun because to us, X, Y, and Z. And develop a word bank of words and phrases you would use and words you would not use. Consider: how do I want my brand to be perceived by my audience and what would they be appealed to?


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3. Not knowing the “Why” of Instagram
How to fix it: Write with your audience in mind. Understand how Instagram fits in with your Brand’s marketing strategy and be strategic about the content you post. This is not a platform to do the hard sell. It’s about finding the perfect balance between building brand awareness, fostering brand engagement and connection, conveying your brand culture and providing value.

4. Too much “what”, not enough “how” and “why”
How to fix it: Learn the art of storytelling. Take your audience through your thought process, and answer the questions you would be having if you were them.
If you are a business, go beyond the benefits. If you have a product, go beyond the features (e.g. why was the product designed a certain way?) and the experience and qualifications of your service (e.g. what is the real value you bring)? Give your audience a glimpse into what it feels like to work with you.

5. Thinking there is a fast way
How to fix it: Chase connection not engagement, get clear on your brand voice, understanding Instagram’s “why”. Use a scheduling platform like Preview get to plan your content out in advance in batches if you struggle to write captions on the spot.

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